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  Who we are

We are a network of Swiss graduates who have completed our Fachhochschule education with postgraduate degrees outside of Switzerland. Typically the postgraduate degree is a Master of Science (M.S.), an MBA or a Ph.D (doctorate).

  What does FHM-Network do?

We support current students and graduates of Fachhochschulen (Haute école spécialisée) with information and contacts in their attempts to pursue a graduate degree.

We maintain a directory with people that have completed their graduate degree and publish it on this site.

We lobby for an hassle-free acceptance of the Fachhochschule degree as a B.S. degree mainly at North American universities.


  • Foreign scholarship yearly granted by Zühlke since 2008

    This scholarship is intended for university students in their final year and for Swiss university graduates, particularly in the fields of electrical engineering, IT and mechanical engineering. More details and information about the application process can be found here.

  What is on this website?
  • Resources: Guides, links, reports from graduates, scholarship information
  • Step by step guide on how to proceed in getting a Master's Degree
  • Directory of graduates for contacting graduates with Master's Degrees directly.


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